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Women in Progress Season 3 Premiere: A Night to Remember

We're absolutely thrilled to share the magic of a remarkable evening that unfolded on October 21st, right here in the heart of Rome. We hosted an unforgettable premiere for the third season of our beloved web series, "Women in Progress." This event marked a celebration of extraordinary female entrepreneurs who defy societal expectations and showcased our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion through visual storytelling.

The anticipation in the air was palpable as we rolled out the red carpet at John Cabot University. Guests, directors, press–all gathered to be part of this celebratory evening.

A Celebration of Resilience and Ambition

At So Fare Films, we've always believed in the power of stories. "Women in Progress" is a testament to our dedication to sharing the remarkable journeys of women who have refused to be defined by conventional norms. This web series, now in its third season, continues to exemplify our mission to portray diversity and empowerment through the art of storytelling.

The heart of "Women in Progress" lies in the intimate interviews with exceptional female entrepreneurs. These interviews offer a rare glimpse into the motivations, struggles, and triumphant journeys of women who have shattered glass ceilings. We're proud to say that this series doesn't shy away from addressing the gender disparities that persist in various industries. It's an exploration of the resilience and strategies these women employ to pave their own way.

If you missed the premiere, there's no need to worry. You can still watch all of the episodes on our YouTube channel!

A Celebration of Young Talent, Creativity, and Visual Storytelling

The evening's festivities took an exciting turn with a special surprise: the premiere of the music video for Jenn Lindsay's song, "Brain." Behind the magic of this visual masterpiece was none other than Kristin Fiorvanti, the brilliant director who poured her heart and soul into the project. The audience was captivated by her artistic vision and the harmonious marriage of music and visuals.

If you're curious about the behind-the-scenes magic that brought this music video to life, we invite you to read this exclusive, behind-the-scenes interview with Kristin herself.

Our "Women in Progress" premiere was a night to remember. It celebrated women who defy expectations, and it reminded everyone that when you pursue your dreams with determination, nothing can stand in your way. This red-carpet event was not just about entertainment; it was about empowerment, and it left a lasting impression that won't soon be forgotten. So, keep an eye on So Fare Films, because we're just getting started, and the world is eagerly awaiting our next masterpiece.

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