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a.k.a. ECN

Our internship program, called the Emerging Creators Network, offers a transformative, multidimensional, interdisciplinary professional formation experience.

So Fare Films interns experience hands-on professional formation in indie film production, from pre-production planning to release and distribution. As of December 2023 we hosted a total of 158 interns, nearly 30 of whom are currently active as specialists in Business Management and Legal, Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Sales, and Video Production.

Please, have your internship provider or career services email us at, if you are interested in working with us!

CEO and
Head of Production

The photo is of Isabella Caprio, one of our Emerging Creator Network members.
The photo is of Sydney Muench, one of our Emerging Creator Network members.

Production Intern


Business, Finance & Marketing Intern


My time with So Fare Films was undeniably excellent and fulfilling. Not only did I make great friends and work with brilliant creatives, but I also grew exponentially as a filmmaker.


In this industry, I’ve found that being an intern (and a woman in film) sometimes silences my opinion, especially within the hierarchy. But at So Fare Films, Jenn and the other employees made a clear effort in giving us a voice and genuinely used our creative ideas and thoughts. I’m going to be continuing my work with So Fare Films next semester while I continue my studies in America. I’ve grown fond of screenwriting and working with SFF, so my work will be solely with the writer’s room for the DEI storyteam. 


Tremendous thanks to Jenn and the SFF team—you have changed my life and I am so very thankful to have met you!

(Fall '22)

So Fare Films is an inspiring young company who values their interns and their experience. Everyone is very passionate about learning from each other and about bettering the future of the company. I have learned a great deal about the all-encompassing world of business and how a positive company culture can affect the outcomes of the employees and the business as a whole.


As a double major in finance and marketing, it is hard to find an internship or a position which incorporates the two, but I was able to do just that with So Fare. I gained priceless hands-on experience where I knew that my work would be used to further a company in its growth.


Everyone has your best interest at heart and wants everyone to succeed. I truly believe that my experience at So Fare will positively impact me through my future career and studies. 

(Fall '22)


The photo is of Anika Shandalov, one of our Emerging Creator Network members.

So Fare Films was an extremely rewarding experience to be a part of. I’ve had a few internships in the past couple of years, but this one truly inspired me to become a better filmmaker, artist, and storyteller. I’ve never gotten the chance to work directly on set. I gained so much knowledge that helped me improve my cinematography skills.

As a design intern as well, I got the opportunity to design movie event posters, logos, and more, which made me think about my designs from a different creative perspective.

I was exposed to so many different situations, people, and types of film that I’ve never really explored. To be a part of such a strong group of women that can come together and create something beautiful is something that I will never forget.

(Fall '22)

Production, Graphic & Design Intern


White & Orange So Fare Films (shortened) Logo

Video Production Intern


The internship at So Fare Films turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made during my undergraduate career. It truly reaffirmed everything I love about filmmaking and creative production.


Regardless of your age and experience I always felt like a valued team member. You also learn everything on the go – how to be a sound mixer, how to coach real people to tell their personal life stories in front of a camera, how to cooperate in a team, how to direct a music video and the list is to be continued.


It’s truly great to work together with like-minded peers from all over the world and I enjoyed cooperating and interacting with the team everywhere from Zoom meetings to production sets, to live events. I was even surprised to realize that you can learn so much just from listening to your fellow interns or team members of your age, many of whom became my friends.

(Spring '23)

White & Orange So Fare Films (shortened) Logo

Marketing & Sales Intern


My internship with So Fare Films has contributed to my overall academic growth by allowing me to apply what I learn in the classroom to a real-life, professional work setting. My knowledge and skills were tested in a professional setting as I was intellectually challenged to problem solve, consider different perspectives, and collaborate with others.


The ECN at So Fare provided me an opportunity to explore different marketing fields as I was a team member of both the market research and sales teams. One of my favorite aspects of interning with So Fare is the emphasis on collaboration with people from different backgrounds and learn from their experiences. I was able to develop and expand my network with professionals by building relationships I can maintain after my time at So Fare.


The development I experienced through the ECN program at So Fare proved to be invaluable to my academic, professional, and personal growth as I became more confident in myself and my abilities.

(Spring '23)

Want To Support Our Creators?

A digital media services option. For businesses!

Our team members can plan, produce, and edit a variety of video, audio, and motion graphics projects for business partners and customers that have an aligned mission with So Fare Films.

Why you should be interested? It is a low-cost option for both businesses and creators to help one another with quality work, and mutual support. Our digital media services option gives our Creators a chance to gain invaluable experience to build their curriculum, thanks to our business partners.

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