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a.k.a. ECN

Our internship program, called the Emerging Creators Network, offers a transformative, multidimensional, interdisciplinary professional formation experience.


So Fare Films interns experience hands-on professional formation in indie film production, from pre-production planning to release and distribution. As of May 2023 we hosted a total of 91 interns, 30 of whom are currently active as specialists in Business Management and Legal, Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Sales, and Video Production.

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CEO and
Head of Production

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Production Intern


Business, Finance & Marketing Intern


My time with So Fare Films was undeniably excellent and fulfilling. Not only did I make great friends and work with brilliant creatives, but I also grew exponentially as a filmmaker.


In this industry, I’ve found that being an intern (and a woman in film) sometimes silences my opinion, especially within the hierarchy. But at So Fare Films, Jenn and the other employees made a clear effort in giving us a voice and genuinely used our creative ideas and thoughts. I’m going to be continuing my work with So Fare Films next semester while I continue my studies in America. I’ve grown fond of screenwriting and working with SFF, so my work will be solely with the writer’s room for the DEI storyteam. 


Tremendous thanks to Jenn and the SFF team—you have changed my life and I am so very thankful to have met you!

(Fall '22)

So Fare Films is an inspiring young company who values their interns and their experience. Everyone is very passionate about learning from each other and about bettering the future of the company. I have learned a great deal about the all-encompassing world of business and how a positive company culture can affect the outcomes of the employees and the business as a whole.


As a double major in finance and marketing, it is hard to find an internship or a position which incorporates the two, but I was able to do just that with So Fare. I gained priceless hands-on experience where I knew that my work would be used to further a company in its growth.


Everyone has your best interest at heart and wants everyone to succeed. I truly believe that my experience at So Fare will positively impact me through my future career and studies. 

(Fall '22)

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So Fare Films was an extremely rewarding experience to be a part of. I’ve had a few internships in the past couple of years, but this one truly inspired me to become a better filmmaker, artist, and storyteller. I’ve never gotten the chance to work directly on set. I gained so much knowledge that helped me improve my cinematography skills.

As a design intern as well, I got the opportunity to design movie event posters, logos, and more, which made me think about my designs from a different creative perspective.

I was exposed to so many different situations, people, and types of film that I’ve never really explored. To be a part of such a strong group of women that can come together and create something beautiful is something that I will never forget.

(Fall '22)

Production, Graphic & Design Intern


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The Finance/Sales/Distro team truly taught me a different side of this type of field, opening my eyes to the research and development side of the sales industry.

The Writing and Design team pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowing me to develop many essential writing skills. Going into the internship, I had talked at length with Jenn about my previous experience with helping to bring awareness to women in third world countries, focusing on their lack of representation within films. With Dariya’s help, I was able to connect this passion to So Fare Films, further developing upon how other small film companies can help to combat this discrimination and misrepresentation.

 I always felt that my work was valued and will be used as the company continues to grow and release new products.

(Fall '22)

Finance & Marketing Intern


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