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[səʊ fɑrɛ]

In Italian, the name comes from sapere, to know, and fare, to do. In English, you read So Fare and you think of distance (so far!) and justice (so fair!). The point is, we know how to make films that go far in their vision of a better, fairer, and happier world.



Our story begins in May 2017 when Jenn Lindsay was filming a Buddhist monk in Rwanda for the documentary film Minding Shadows and she heard an African proverb that shifted her solitary work ethic: “In order to go fast, work alone; in order to go far, work with others.” Jenn and two other women filmmakers—editor Sarah McTeigue and director Kiki Miller—conceived of a collaborative, women-led film production team that produces diverse content that balances out the destructive media climate of misrepresentation and tokenism—all the while embracing aspiring media professionals as they develop their skill sets and sharpen their storytelling craft, while raising awareness of social issues through compelling films and film education initiatives.

In January 2020, through her position as a professor of sociology and communications at John Cabot University in Rome, Jenn formed a group of assistant editors to collaborate on post-production and building a release strategy for the feature-length documentary Simulating Religious Violence. The team then grew exponentially with every passing academic semester, slowly expanding its range of film projects

Our operations remain based in Rome with an infrastructure that accommodates collaboration from multiple locations and countries, allowing for more team diversity and professional consultation opportunities. Together, the So Fare team members “learn by doing,” always growing their skills and vision on the way to making a serious contribution to a healthier, more fair media climate.


This photo is of our CEO & Head of Production, Jenn Lindsay

CEO and
Head of Production


This photo is of our CFO Zil Senczy

Chief Financial Officer



Jenn Lindsay is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, social scientist and Ted Talk speaker. Since 2005, she worked in post-production as a film editor, story assistant, and independent producer with MTV, the Sundance Channel, Atmosphere Pictures, and Swete Films. Her 2020 documentary short Quarantined Faith won multiple awards at film festivals. She has screened her ethnographic documentaries in festivals, conferences, and classrooms around the world, winning awards from the International Society for Religion and Science and the Society for Psychological Anthropology. Jenn earned her Ph.D. in the social science of religion at Boston University and is an adjunct professor of sociology and communications at John Cabot University in Rome.

This photo is of our Operations Specialist, Manu Barroso

Operations Specialist


This photo is of our Brand Specialist, Dariya Dzhambazova



Zil Graduated from Elon University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Management and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. She pursued her education while working and in 2018 became licensed as a CPA. She continued to work with multiple businesses and industries as an internal staff accountant, working at a CPA firm and working at an accounting outsource company. Her strongest passions have always been empowering others through her support of small businesses and process optimization. It is her belief that with the right structure and support people can accomplish amazing things.

This photo is of our Marketing & Distribution Specialist, Francesca Cucuzza

Marketing and Distribution Specialist


This photo is of our Production Specialist, Nino Malakmadze

Production Specialist


This photo is of our amazing dog company mascot, Neelix


Company Mascot

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