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Filmmaking e-Courses

Are you an aspiring filmmaker ready to turn your dreams into reality? Check out our online course on Crowdfunding to reach your financial indie-pendence and gain the power to tell your stories!

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Crowdfunding for Indie Filmmakers e-Course

We will teach you how to create your first crowdfunding campaign to complete your film!

Video lessons with step-by-step guidelines 🎥

📝 Written downloadable materials and presentation

An indie filmmakers' point of view 🔎

✅ Quizzes to test your knowledge retention

🤑 Exclusive tips on helpful campaign tools

A filmmaker, professor and sociologist as lecturer 👩🏻‍🏫


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Discover Our E-Course

Our e-course on crowdfunding for indie filmmakers offers a comprehensive exploration of preparing, launching, and running a successful crowdfunding campaign. This course is guided by Jenn Lindsay, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, social scientist, and Ted Talk speaker.


When we started out our learning journey on finding funds for our films, we couldn't relate with the instructors we found and their point of view, which focused more on revenue rather than art/mission. Hence, we have decided to make a course - available on Udemy - about what we learnt ourselves to give indie filmmakers (like us) someone they can relate to, and learn about crowdfunding the indie way, with indie budgets. This course is made by indie filmmakers for indie filmmakers through and through. We know the struggles, we have been there, and we still have a lot of them ahead of us. There will always be new challenges, but learning from others' experiences is the first step to learn by doing, just like us indie filmmakers do. We hope our guidance will lead you to success! The results totally depend on you, but aren't all indie films that way? ;)

Meet Your Instructor: Jenn Lindsay

Jenn's extensive background includes over a decade of experience in post-production, film editing, and independent producing, collaborating with industry giants like MTV, Sundance Channel, and Atmosphere Pictures. Her documentary Quarantined Faith gained widespread acclaim and won multiple awards at film festivals in 2020, while in 2022 she successfully crowdfunded $35,000 to complete the post-production of her film Simulating Religious Violence.

Jenn has shared her ethnographic documentaries worldwide, earning accolades from esteemed institutions such as the International Society for Religion and Science and the Society for Psychological Anthropology. With a Ph.D. in the social science of religion from Boston University and a position as an adjunct professor of sociology and communications at John Cabot University in Rome, Jenn brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to this course.

Join Our Indie Filmmaking Community

At So Fare Films, our journey started much like yours. We're a team of indie filmmakers who understand the challenges of limited resources and the drive to bring meaningful projects to life. Our handbook and e-course are born from our own experiences, and we've crafted these resources with authenticity and practicality in mind.

We believe in sharing knowledge that empowers fellow filmmakers, and our commitment to your success shines through our content. Join us in a community built on genuine insights and a passion for supporting indie filmmaking growth.

Ready to Elevate Your Skills?

Ready to expand your crowdfunding knowledge and skills? Explore the full e-course on Udemy by clicking the button below.


Need more convincing?

Take advantage of our FREE crowdfunding resources for indie filmmakers, and see if we vibe😎. You can make your final choice, and purchase the crowdfunding e-course after taking a look at them, but remember that these are just sneak peeks!

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