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Simplified written guide on how to crowdfund for your indie film.

  • Planning your campaign

  • Prepping the campaign materials

  • Running the campaign

  • Fulfill promises and grow your community

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What can you find in the handbook?
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1) Introduction

As you delve into this free handbook, you're embarking on a journey to kickstart your path to a successful crowdfunding campaign.


2) Our Careful Curation

We've carefully curated this resource to lay the necessary groundwork for launching a campaign that captures your vision.

3) Understanding Your Passion

We understand the feeling of having a project you are passionate about and motivated to complete, yet not knowing where to start when it comes to collecting funds to bring that vision to life.

4) You're Not Alone

You're not alone; indie filmmakers worldwide have been in your shoes, and we were too!

5) Crowdfunding Demystified

Initially, the prospect of crowdfunding was daunting, but rest assured, it's a skill that anyone can acquire. Moreover, the skills you gain through crowdfunding are transferable to various areas that will help you become a self-sufficient indie filmmaker.

6) Practical Insights

So, whether you're refining your campaign strategies, seeking guidance on telling your story, or discovering effective ways to engage your audience, this handbook provides practical insights to empower you on your crowdfunding journey.

7) Embracing Challenges

As you absorb its contents, remember that the challenges you face today are stepping stones toward achieving your creative vision.

8) Our Supportive Community

We're here to support you every step of the way. Welcome to a community where knowledge is shared, dreams are realized, and indie filmmaking flourishes.

About So Fare Films & Our CEO

Welcome to So Fare Films, your partner in indie filmmaking success. Founded by award-winning documentary filmmaker, sociologist, university professor, and TED Talk speaker, Jenn Lindsay, our mission is to empower filmmakers like you. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Jenn brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to our resources. Explore our free handbook and unlock the secrets to successful crowdfunding, crafted by filmmakers who understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the indie world.

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About So Fare Films and our CEO

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