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Exclusive Behind the Scenes of the 'Brain' Music Video: Interview with Kristin Fiorvanti

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Kristin Fiorvanti, one of So Fare Films’ Production Team members, directed the music video for the song 'Brain' by Jenn Lindsay. Jenn asked her to listen to her music and pick a song she liked to make a music video, and she chose this one because it resonated well with her. It is a break-up song and she had recently gone through a break-up.

Interesting fact: the song lyric 'this is your brain on love' is inspired by a US TV spot that aimed to spread awareness on drugs, showing a broken egg and saying 'This is your brain on drugs.'

What was the vision for this video?

Kristin: This was my second time directing a video and it took time to set up a good working process and find my vision. I tried with two different scripts, but I was not getting what I wanted so I changed strategy. Jenn reminded me that to tell a story you don’t necessarily need a narrative; images can be enough. I created a Pinterest board of images that inspired me and went along with the music.

How was the process of putting the video together?

Kristin: This was the toughest part.

I divided the lyrics, wrote them down on post-it notes, and then hung all the post–its on the walls of my apartment. It looked mad! I invited over my editor and my DP for dinner to chat about the production of this video and get ideas. My assistant director helped me create a schedule to get all the shots in order and plan the day. The entire video was shot in just one day!

Any funny stories from behind the scenes?

Kristin: Oh, yes! We had a few fire complications. In one of the scenes, the main character has to blow candles on eggs but when she leaned down her hair caught fire! Luckily, the actor in front of her was ready to help and everyone was fine! And then, in the same scene, the eggs were on the table with the candles lit, we threw balloons, and they popped right in front of the main character because they, once again, caught fire! One thing we learned: always have a fire extinguisher on set.

What was a memorable moment?

Kristin: We shot a scene in a park that is filled with anti-homeless architecture. A homeless person comes up to me and start talking to me and then he asked us what we were doing. We told him that we were shooting a music video and he asked if he could participate. We were just looking for another male actor and so we welcomed him aboard. Ironic how this scene happened in such a park, right?

If you haven't already, be sure to check out Jenn Lindsay's Spotify page to listen to her other amazing tracks. And don't forget to stay tuned for the 'Brain' music video on our official YouTube channel – you won't be disappointed!

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