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Giggs Kgole, a young South African artist, prepares for his milestone solo show in Rome. He must confront the ghosts of his impoverished past in a Limpopo village, unraveling the layers of his own identity and piecing them back together on his canvas...but his creative originality is strained by unexpected hurdles.

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  Plot Summary  

The documentary follows the artist as he prepares for his debut on the global art scene with his exhibition "IKHAYA" (meaning home in Zulu). Through flashbacks, interviews, and innovative artistic techniques, the film explores Giggs' personal journey and the architectural, cultural, and political definitions of home, interweaving his life story with intimate preparations for his exhibition in Rome. Filmed in Italy and South Africa, IKHAYA is driven by themes of determination, socioeconomic tensions, and the transformative power of art.

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  Who Is This Film For?  

The film targets young artists, art enthusiasts, and those interested in themes of cultural identity, diversity, and the role of art in society. Building upon a global art community that Giggs has fostered through his 13 solo exhibitions, we aim to engage audiences worldwide, submit the film to festivals and host private screenings in art galleries globally, ensuring that the film reaches both established art communities and new enthusiasts alike.


This film is supported by So Fare Films, a women-led production company with a core business model centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). With a deep commitment to amplifying underrepresented voices, this film not only showcases the extraordinary artistic trajectory of Giggs Kgole but also embodies the values of inclusivity and empowerment.

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