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Who We Are

So Fare Films is an award-winning production company and film education program in Rome, Italy that produces compelling documentary films and educational materials that broaden perspectives, and serves as a change agent by giving voice to the voiceless.

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage the power of visual storytelling to invite people into new worlds and new ways of thinking. We create a unique opportunity for women and people of color in the film industry, in front of the camera and behind it…at all stages of their storytelling careers.

Our Values & Goals

So Fare Films is riding a wave of widespread change by creating a space for women and underrepresented communities in the film industry, and giving them job experience so they can advance in their career.

We intend to keep the broader cultural momentum around diversity issues going by putting diverse communities at the center of our filmmaking adventure.

Produce compelling visual storytelling that broadens perspectives.

Goal 1

Create a space in the film world for people with diverse backgrounds, both in our diverse team and in our media content.

Goal 2

Support and propel the work of early-career media professionals.

Goal 3

Offer effective, entertaining training materials on the independent film business and on diversity and equity issues.

Goal 4


The Emerging Creators Network is a platform for emerging filmmakers to cultivate and sharpen their portfolios, through contact with mentors and peers, and share their work with the world through the channels of our company, which brings their work more visibility, legitimacy and momentum.

a.k.a. ECN

Want To Support Our Creators?

A digital media services option. For businesses!

Our team members can plan, produce, and edit a variety of video, audio, and motion graphics projects for business partners and customers that have an aligned mission with So Fare Films.

Why you should be interested? It is a low-cost option for both businesses and creators to help one another with quality work, and mutual support. Our digital media services option gives our Creators a chance to gain invaluable experience to build their curriculum, thanks to our business partners.

What We Do

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