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Unveiling the Significance and Future Trends of Audio Selection in Indie Filmmaking

Updated: Apr 18

In the realm of indie filmmaking, audio plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall cinematic experience. Audio selection is often underestimated, though the process is crucial for setting the various tones throughout the film. While blockbuster films tend to rely on high-resolution visuals produced by major film studios, indie films often lean on a strong emotional connection with the audience to compensate for the lack of resources. The strong emotional appeal is achieved through the art of storytelling, using a combination of striking visuals paired with the strategic use of audio sound effects. Audio selection is a particularly important component in setting the atmosphere of the film and is a tool that should not be overlooked, especially within the independent film industry. Indie filmmakers can rely on carefully curated soundtracks and original scores to engage with viewers on a personal level.

The difference between soundtracks and scores provides a deeper understanding of the significance of audio selection during the production process. Depending on the auditory vision of the director, both elements should be considered to enhance storytelling techniques while cultivating a unique identity for the film project.


A curated soundtrack features a collection of existing music selected to accompany the film. A perfect example of a newly released film that gained attention for its notable soundtrack is Saltburn directed by Emerald Fennell. The film featured iconic songs such

as Time to Pretend by MGMT and Mr. Brightside by The Killers. Set in the late early 2000s, the audio selection creates a sense of nostalgia for the viewer while accurately portraying the timeframe. A curated soundtrack allows the audience to make a personal connection with the audio, as valuable memories may be linked to the song.


In contrast, original scores are almost always associated with the film as opposed to a personal memory of the viewer. A film score is composed specifically for a film by a composer or a musical team. It consists of original music created to complement and enhance the visual and emotional aspects of the movie. Jaws by Steven Spielberg is a film with an original score recognized by almost the entire population. The original audio compels an automatic association with the film as opposed to a link with a personal memory of the viewer. Ultimately, a curated soundtrack incorporates the element of nostalgia, while an original score advocates for authenticity in the world of filmmaking.

AI in the Film Industry

The film industry is rapidly changing to meet the demands of the current market and economy. AI is one of the driving factors behind the cinematic revolution. The software can efficiently generate story ideas, review scripts, create realistic visual effects, enhance resolution, and complete a wide variety of tasks during the post-production process. Netflix uses AI software to create an algorithm based on the user’s individual viewing habits. This is how the streaming platform can recommend a personalized selection of series and films for each user. AI is undoubtedly transforming the industry and is the perfect tool for low-budget production, especially in the audio sector.

The Future of Soundtracks and Scores with AI

AI has the potential to remodel the audio selection landscape with the ability to enhance and manipulate audio content. Below is a list of low-cost AI applications that are ideal for indie filmmakers working with a minimal budget.


  • Cost: Free

  • Description: Audiosonic is an AI voice generator that helps to turn text into engaging and human-like audio in seconds. The text-to-speech generator is a perfect tool for businesses and creators looking to deliver exceptional audio experiences to their audience.

Amper Music

  • Cost: Free to use, starts at 5 USD per generated track download

  • Description: AI-driven music platform that enables users to create and customize original music by leveraging over one million individual audio samples recorded by musicians on thousands of unique instruments.


  • Cost: Free

  • Description: Soundful is a platform for generating unique music in a variety of genres, using machine-learning AI. The site offers different templates for tracks and loops, and creating a song is as easy as clicking a few buttons and making a couple of tweaks.


  • Cost: Free

  • Description: Spleeter is a solution for recreating multitracks from a flat audio file, whether for a song, podcast, movie, game, etc. Our model extracts voice and instruments from music or any audio source and separates them from the rest of the file. Get the track you need in just a few seconds, generated by Deezer AI.


● Cost: Free or premium account (5.59 EUR for business, 13.99 EUR forpremium)

● Description: Uppbeat is an AI-powered playlist generator that aims to simplify the process of finding and using music in creative projects, providing a diverse range of tracks across various genres.

Ethical Considerations

While AI is a proactive tool that can be used to develop different aspects of the production process, it is important to address the complications it presents in an industry driven by human creativity. Balancing the use of AI with original ideas and creativity is essential in executing a film with a personal touch and authenticity. AI will undoubtedly change the scope of the film industry and can be used as a tool to help independent filmmakers create custom audio for their cinematic masterpieces.

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