Soh. Faray. In Italian, the name comes from sapere, to know, and fare, to do. In English, you read So Fare and you think of distance (so far!) and justice (so fair!). The point is, we know how to make films that go far in their vision of a better, fairer, and happier world. 


So Fare Films is a production company based in Rome, Italy, specializing in promotional videos, fiction shorts, and documentaries. 

So Fare Films was co-founded in 2016 by three women experienced in film and TV production as editors, directors, and producers.

We joined forces to create a creative home for short fiction films about women's issues and human rights, ethnographic documentaries and educational materials about communities and global concerns, and promotional videos that tell the story of local businesses and products that we want the world to know about. 


Our Mission

To kick ass, have a home for our film projects, join forces, make some money and raise funds for other filmmaking projects.

Between Kiki, Sarah and Jenn we have plenty of film and tv expertise: Kiki and Sarah met in 2007 while working on the HBO series Rome--Kiki was an Assistant Director and Sarah was an Editor. Jenn's an anthropologist who has been making ethnographic documentaries and education animations since 2005.

So Fare Films ties everything together into a production company with three "departments": shorts, docs, and commercials.

Our mission is to produce films, promotional and educational content that touches on themes of social issues, women's issues, exploring human challenges and relationships--films that try to answer big questions in the real world.

Our long term dream is for us to be able to engage So Fare Films not only to produce compelling, substantive content, but also to have a business home that can shelter us for fundraising and strategizing our long term creative dreams.

Our future vision includes:

* Renting a film and video production workspace in Rome to conduct meetings with our video clients, carry out post-production work, and plan new creative ventures.

* Producing a line of promotional video for companies that offer products and services we identify with, feel good about, and want the world to know better.

* More narrative films from Kiki and Sarah, and more documentaries from Jenn.

* Selling documentaries to educational channels.

* Bringing our films to film festivals.

* Winning Academy Awards for Best Short Film and Best Documentary

* Developing an line of educational cartoons that help teach students on the college level about complicated topics in the humanities and social sciences.

* Provide an inspiring, resourceful workshop network for people of all specializations in film production to pursue their creative visions!

So Fare Films is the home for an amazing array of great film and video material. These ladies kick ass!
— Steven Spielberg

All photography provided by Jenn Lindsay, Sarah McTeigue, and Kierstin Pilar Miller